Flying Cloud Farm

Flying Cloud Farm, managed by Isaiah and Annie Louise Perkinson, produces vegetables, fruits, and flowers for local markets. All produce grown on the farm is sold directly at farmers markets, through our 100-member CSA, to restaurants and at our self-service roadside stand.

The farm’s name is inspired by the name of the stage coach that traveled Drover’s Road (Route 74A) in the mid-1800′s. The Flying Cloud made a stop at historic Sherill’s Inn, which was purchased in 1916 by Annie Louise’s great-grandparents, Jim and Elizabeth McClure, and named Hickory Nut Gap Farm. Many members of the 5 generations of the McClure/Clarke family live nearby and work in the area on all sorts of projects.


Flower thoughts

For a totally local, organically grown beautiful wedding, fresh flowers are an important element. Our floral design team can arrange our field grown flowers into amazingly refreshing combinations. We offer full floral design services for bouquets, boutonnieres, altar arrangements, arbors, centerpieces, flower crowns, petals, and more. 

We strive for our flowers to be available to people with all budgets, so we offer everything from pick your own to full floral design.


Annie Louise Perkinson