Pisgah Flowers

Pisgah Flowers is a small flower farm in Fletcher. We provide our community with local, fresh cut flowers and bouquets. We are a family farm growing seasonally fresh flowers for weddings, special events, restaurants, florists, businesses and wholesale.

Pisgah Flowers takes pride in its local roots and respect for the land. We sell directly to consumers, working to create a more sustainable flower industry. Pisgah Flowers specializes in unique, cheerful, locally grown flowers for bouquets, special occasions and wholesale. We are committed to quality and put our heart into cultivating happy and healthy flowers, land and customers.


Flower thoughts

Flowers from a local farm like Pisgah Flowers can be connected to a time, a place, a person, a season, an event. They are grown with love, patience and care on a small farm right here in the Asheville area. You can appreciate knowing that your flowers contributed to the local economy, are cared for by the individual, were sustainably grown and are as fresh as possible.